Thursday, November 03, 2005

Stop celebrating birthdays over 30

I think this. Today. Right now.

Quite depressing it is too, when a market researcher knocks on my door and tells me that I 'don't fit the age bracket ' (therefore not eligible, and not interested in my opinion because maybe they are just worth less now?).


Humiliated more like.

Note to self: Always, always lie about your age from this day forward. No exceptions. Even when the person stares you in the face with a raised James Bond eyebrow.


Stef said...

That is bad, I've never been rejected for being over 30 but I have ticked an age-bracket that included me and my parents... That was bad.

To be honest, I'm not really fussed about my birthday/age any more.

Isn't denial a wonderful thing?! :-)

Gordy said...

I once got told I did fit the age bracket because i was "middle aged". Fair enough except the age bracket was from 30 to 49. I could imagine a 30 year old being a bit miffed.