Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sort it out girlfriend

I don't know what happened. Life gets busy. You think about the blog that you have nurtured unintentionally for so many years and start to feel a bit guilty. Not lazy. Just guilty. For not writing. Have had plenty to write about. Just the thought of booting up my slow computer (it was fast to start with but aging rapidly year after year)(errr is that me we're talking about now?!),  sends me straight to the pub instead. (or should that really read gym?).

I have decided today since coming back from two weeks in Cologne (what an inspirational trip that was; the girls, openly lesbian or bi were totally fit and I am impressed and want some of that action indeed and, like, now), that I have
to write.


I am still questioning why there are so many nasty looking girls in Sussex. Just moved to the wrong area without prior research - obviously.


It might as well be here.

Bring on creativity.