Friday, November 19, 2004

Assistant Blog: more piranha hits here

Assistant Blog: more piranha hits here

Note to self to keep checking this one.Rather interesting and lively in these parts.

Boy Meets Boy (Channel 5)

I don't know if anyone saw this programme that was on at a weird time in the afternoon last week and this one, but I think that it would have been a whole lot more evil and bitchy if it had been gay or bisexual women instead of gay men.

Good programme nevertheless.

Babe alert - oh what to do what to do

God! This absolutely luuuuuuurvely girl came in to work today. She was beautiful and tiny, and had gorgeous black hair. Her voice was all dusky and husky. I was impressed at the beauty of her passport pic, because no matter how hard I try, mine is always rubbish!

I didn't know what to say to her really.

I absolutely hate that. Being all stupid and girly and speechless.

What should I have done do you think?

Cillit Bang bloody bang

This has to be the most annoying product to find to buy. Ever. It cleans. Everything. The name is rubbish. The advert is beyond belief. The worst thing however, is the embarrassment you feel when asking for aforementioned, stupidly named product, in sensible shop, with ill informed, uncool, wide eyed sales girl. I mean, I just died last week. Right there in the shop. When the girl made me repeat my enquiry, oh, like, round about three times.

My mother thinks it's a joke. She nearly had me believe it too until I googled it and came across the makers of the product who do not mention it on their website, and a few other blogs mentioning it as well.

My research has found that Morrisons do it (of which we have none round here), or Wilkinson do (apparently). This made my little ole ears prick up and so tomorrow morning, just before hopping off to do a spot of tenpin, have noted on "really need to do list", as opposed to my "yeah in my dreams" list, that I will pop in there and try my luck.

Stupid, stupid advert. But clever, clever marketing.

The thing better bloody work!