Friday, January 05, 2007

'Looking good girl to marry'

Do I look or behave like a 'good girl to marry'?

I apologise for my need for even more idiots in my life by newly frequenting (as of today) stupid networking sites....see below's invitation to marry (again) if I would be that stupid:

HI, U r realy haviing gorgious look, u gain my attention in first sight and u r soo prety and beautiful, I observe from ur profile that if we establish and develop and maintain our relationship u will enjoy my company in all regard i m Single, Hndsome loving and caring, I just want sincere and long term relationship, and i m serious about it and looking for a life partner who could understand me and loving, i hope that ur reply will make a difference on my profile my contact and my e-mail address is there plz contact to me u will find me there wish u best of luck and take care of urself (bcoz someone wants u) zain_z moonstar_zain@yahoo.­??????????com moonstar_z@hotmail if u like call me...00923334232147

...and you already know how much I abhor bad grammar and punctuation