Monday, April 28, 2008

Ommpa Loompah + full moon + me =?

This is a major note to self.

The above combination do not a good combo make.

You know what you are like every full moon.

Do not invite weird, but oddly curious midget sized bi girls who are on heat to your house bearing gifts of copious amounts of alcohol ever again.

Do you hear?

Don't do it.

It will only end up with you snogging the lard off her and making some kind of nasty sandwich.

Stop it.

Get out more.

With immediate effect.

Worthing stabbing, tagging, burglary 2008

I am becoming alarmed, even to the point of quiet hysteria (if there can be such a thing) about the rapid decline in the town of Worthing. Dare I even say my street is getting worse?

I would have thought that two murders on my street is enough for anyone.

I no longer have to buy the weekly rag to get the news.

I just need to walk out my front door. A neighbour will update me. Burglaries, stabbings, drunken teenagers tagging everything white...

I have a problem with all this, but my biggest problem is that someone could have cleared up all the blood all over the bridge (Jacob's Ladder). Very disgusting.

I am making plans to be out of this country by next Summer.

Enough is enough.