Friday, December 30, 2005

Jonny B gets mag mention..yay!

I just received my latest issue of Webuser (I don't think it is in the shops until 3rd Jan) and there in full glory was a 'thumbs up nuff respect' mention of Jonny B's Private Secret Diary. (It's in my list of daily reads on the right if you wish to check it out).

Page 20 of Webuser eh?

Nice one Jonny.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Blimmin cybersex

There I was minding my own business. Surfing. When I got an Instant Message. In the afternoon. Early. Today. I had no alcohol running through my veins. I lacked all courage. I was, after all, minding my own business.


Janice. Decides she will message me on the off chance that I might be up for a bit of cyber sex.

First she entices me with tittle tat.

Then she excites me with innocent photos (apparently) of her.

Next she interests me with the quality breasts she clings to.



All the while that I am having this conversation with Janice I am attempting to video capture my 4 year old in his Nativity play using Windows Movie Maker.

Of course my mission failed.

You never saw those breasts.

I did.

They were good.

They were fine.

However. She ruined it by getting all cyber on me.

Don't you just hate that?

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Yes I am actually writing about them - The Sugababes. Lately the pants that I have been hearing on the radio from them is beyond words. Actually you could describe it in one. But let's not.

What I do want to say is that I have discovered their 2000 album One Touch which is fabulous and quality. I am feeling Lush Life and many other tracks (in fact all of the tracks).

This is an album worth buying (or downloading;-)) because at least now I want to see them live. However I am scared that if I go and see them live they will play all the shite I am hearing on the radio online and off by them.

That would disappoint me greatly.


I am a groupie after all, as well as a live performer, but I feel a bee in my bonnet developing about them right now.

I think I am gonna go with the flow on that one.


Sunday, December 11, 2005

Brazilian girl cock up

Things I should have said/done when I met a tasty, shagable (yes, this girl does use such terms), Brazilian girl on the train last night with all my kids and husband in tow:

  1. Asked for her number.
  2. Held eye contact even longer than I did.
  3. Asked to take a photo of her for research.
  4. Given her my number.
  5. Spoken to her even longer to find out just where in London she is staying for the next few months.
  6. Found out if she is going clubbing in Brighton in the near future.
  7. Sorted my life out and not been shy. Grrrr. I hate when shyness kicks in as essentially I am the complete opposite.
  8. Asked her for a future meet somewhere. I'm sure she would have said yes.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Post secret

Some people may have heard of this site where secrets are told by people sending them in on a postcard in a creative way. A site full of depth and interest I reckon.

It's updated every Sunday.

Becky and Mel Page 3 'Lesbians'

I just read this (topless photos as well as words when you click that link warning) about two Page Three Models in The Sun newspaper. Articles like that just annoy me.

First, the breasts on both girls "ain't all that". I like a pair that are, you know, special;-) (she says whilst licking her lips).

Actually I would have to put both of them in my Minger catergory. Many may beg to differ but a girl being topless and having airbrushed eyes does not a beauty make in my not so humble opinion.

Second, third and fourthly...if a girl has a boyfriend and is having 'relations' with him as well as a girl or even looking/wanting/lusting for a man/boy/plaything, this does not a lesbian maketh.

This maketh one a proper bisexual.

Purple is the colour of the day.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Lesbian versus predator

For this post, I am the Predator. Bisexual and on the hunt. That's me.

The question that is on my mind is whether it is better to hunt for a lesbian or a bisexual girl.

I used to think that a bisexual girl was the easy option. The better preference.

I read with trepidation an advert on Aol Dating (which appears to be pretty interesting it has to be said), by a lesbian woman. "Sorry but no bi girls as am not interested in a keen boyfriend with his experienced girlfriend looking for fun. I want 'sorted' individuals".

I was a little shocked by this statement.

Women stating they are bisexual absolutely does not mean that they are looking for threesomes. Jaysus.

It also does not mean that a bisexual woman or man is not 'sorted'.

Yeah, it may appear to those who are not bi that we are greedy or undecided or sitting on the fence, and okay I do like to have my cake and eat it.


I am well and truly sorted with my bisexuality and it was not an easy road to travel on. Still isn't. At least now it's fun.

Lesbians that I have met have been pretty hardcore. I believe this is to make some kind of point.

I don't actually see the point in a woman dressing and behaving like a man when they have a pussy and bleed every month.

What man does that then?

Tell me and I'll eat my bloody shorts.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Relight my fire top tottie

I have had a long suffering, drooling mouth, for Sarah Beeney. Since I was born. (Ok, maybe a bit later than birth, but it feels like for ever).

I mean, her breasts are bubbalicious;-)

Her eyes are the wrong side of naughty.

Speaks 'sexy posh' instead of 'head up own arse posh'.

Ooooh, let me at 'er.

Suits you sir.

Maybe she lives in Cambridge.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

It's good to be wrong

It's good to be wrong. You get to smile when other people think you are so not funny.

It's good to be wrong. When others around you are wronger.

It's good to be wrong because then, nothing else matters.

I'ts good to be wrong and alright. On the night.

I like being wrong.

It feels right.