Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Anti gay nutter without reason alert JAYSUS

So. This morning I wake up to this reply below to yesterday's post.....

(My name)
,Yes,I have to admit,now that you have explained your rationales,that you are right about these assumptions you are trying to avoid having ocur.Because when I think about it for a moment,IF you had not placed your picture in your ad?,then I WOULD have assumed that you were a caucasion,simply because of the statistical fact that the vast majority of respondents happen to be caucasions like myself.And also,if you had not mentioned your being bisexual,then I would have made the same assumption of your being heterosexual,and for the same statistically based reason.And then,if you had mentioned a girlfriend in a bisexual way,then I would have stpped reading abruptly,and said to myself "in what way is she meaning the world girlfriend here!!!...this does not sound like a shopping-together girlfriend at ALL! it sounds more like a Lesbianical wrestling match kind,or a me-Tarzan_you-Jane kind of girlfriend she means here!heyyy! whats THAT about!?".So,I mean,you are right about that,(my name).But you know,even though I understand what you mean intellectually,its kind of a no-win thing,anyway,though.Because this sexual orientational thing is not just an intellectual topic of discussion,that can be sorted out agreeably and satisfactorily by a simple tactic of honesty and discussion.I mean,its just too big of a thing for that!You know? *honest smile* Life is alot bigger than anything that intellectual strategies can hope to control.Because people do not operate by,or let themselves be controlled or directed by, some such Woody Allen-esque Jewish therapy oriented intellectual exercises/"education" alone.Not at all.Well,maybe in the US and UK,but not for most of humankind,I mean.People are FAR more SELF directed than that.And so,they go by their own individual feelings,and beliefs and personal sensibilities and values (and blow their noses at the Woody allen-esque intellectuals?).And most of us human beings in the world,we do not FEEL very much in common with Gays and Bis (GBLT?),or much WANT to hear about their same sex goings on,or feel friendly toward it,or want to understand it.We JUST DON'T LIKE IT!It is like this,(my name)...if I met some man and was friends with him,(based on assumptions of him,like you had meant?and my thinking that he was a heterosexual?)..and then I found out he was a Gay?Well,my entire view of him up until then would be ruined,and it would be because of that fact,and what I know about Gays.Because after that? I would know that he liked to stick his tongue up other men's rectums,as the Gays do,and so i would say to myself (or in my heart,and feelings,and beliefs)"I don't GIVE A DAMN WHAT ANYONE SAYS that he is a good man!! if he sticks his tongue up rectums,then he is VILE!".It is disgusting to me,as with a man who sleeps with children,or has sex with animls,or other things like that.And if an intellectual,or a clergy man said "Oh! don't think that way!"?,I would then kick their stupid asses through a window,tOO!Sincerely,Audrey

I haven't replied to this.
Although it at first appears a lost cause, 'debating' with a nutter without ration nor reason.
Frankly I am speechless by this.
Suggestive responses would be appreciated, seeing as I'm the kind of girl who just HAS to respond;-)

Monday, May 16, 2005

Straight girls need a reality check

I received this enlightening email today
Hello,and thank you for responding to my ad.I looked at your ad,and I must ask you, why is it that you inform people that you are bisexual in it,as you do? Waht is the purpose of publically telling people about your sexual orientation? And also,why do you ask me if I like to travel?Are you placing your ad to find travelling sexual contacts who will visit with you? Well,anyway I am not a bisexual.Sincerely,Audrey

I have an ad on a mad site that is more epal finder than electronic shagfinder.

My ad does does not state I want to shag women. Far from it at the moment, seeing as the baby that is firmly in my belly is not out for another three weeks, and even then I would go in the real world and find a shag (as is bloody normal and usual).

Grrrrr.Straight women. Straight women. Dear oh dear.
Straight my arse.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Recycling maketh the woman

It's amazing just how nosy people can be whilst walking past your house. Instead of scrutinising what exactly goes into someone else's reusables, methinks one should get a life. Or maybe that should be me for noticing it!

Round this way we still don't have the nice big wheelie bins with lids to hide the shame of how much of an alchie one really is, so you know, we're like an advertisers wet dream with an open grey box:-(