Saturday, April 30, 2005

Glorify The Fish Factory

Had my leaving do last night. Well my maternity leaving do actually. It was hard going, with lots of rolling eyes behaviour between Hubby and the only cool person that works with me.

I happen to work with a rather big bunch of divs. Who also happen to be as boring as heeeelllllll to boot.

It was chosen that we honour The Fish Factory with our presence, which is in Worthing. Nice decor and vibe in a simple-near-rustic-but-not-quite way. The food is actually nice. It being fish an all. Overpriced unfortunately for the simplicity of the food. If you're English food loving, i.e fish n chips, then this is the gourmet version!

Someone please tell me which maniac came up with mushy peas!


Heavy Weapon Addiction

Ok. I have a new game addiction. Heavy Weapon is the new release offering from Popcap Games and I had to buy it, after playing the browser version and downloading the 1 hour trial. I did try and seek it out for free on P2p but no luck. I suppose it aided my karma then by buying it.

When you play three missions of normal game play, you unlock a bonus section which is Survival mode, and it is this that is causing the addiction! Grrrrrr.



But very bad when one needs to live a life as well.

The year of the fuck

Other than the peace that lies beneath the ground, sits hope in something, someone, somehow. Prove and show in physical spirit how this is real. Worthy. Clap the hands that feed and jump without joys. Joys inside the pocket of charity and yes I knows. Link it baby. Link it.
Go spawn.