Sunday, April 24, 2011

Did I say no link? Really?

Actually I cough.

Cough again.

There really is a link to all this.

Midnight musings Part 1(Miss Germany Revisited)

There is no link. Blogger asked me that.

Apart from the link between Miss Germany and myself. The connection is huge. For those who don't know about Miss Germany, read the blog from the beginning, and also as a recap, if you can't be bothered to do that, she is my long time love from way back now - yet we cannot be together.

Life paths and all that.

The great thing is that she is coming to my house. Across sea and stuff.

She asked if He-who-cannot-be-named was going to be there but I told her no.

I am so excited but nervous at the same time.

I want to sleep with her. Obviously. The sex is great. The togetherness is wonderful. The 'we' and 'us' is sublime.

But the bloody kids. What do I do with them then?