Monday, September 24, 2007

Walkers godamn crisps

I have a serious problem with these crisps. So much so that I found myself ranting on a daily basis about the change to Sunseed oil usage in their creation. WTF?

The final point came when I started to throw away packets of the stuff at work.

I have also seen people do the same thing.

So. I decided enough was enough and I wrote to Walkers telling them about the mentalness of changing the flavour of basic stuff such as Cheese n Onion and Salt n Vinegar. Made me feel better. I did actually tell them that I was too upset to even begin to comment on the state of Doritos because I was too upset.

If I was too upset then. Think how deranged I am about the bullshit response I received below

Thank you very much for your recent email about Walkers Crisps.

We really appreciate hearing from our consumers who take the trouble to let us know their preferences regarding our products. We would never make any changes or additions to any of its product ranges without conducting a
tremendous amount of research.

We did change sunseed for Walkers Crisps in January 2006 and since then feedback from the research carried out has been overwhelmingly positive.

We hope that you will remain a loyal consumer, enjoying many products from our range.

Thank you once again for taking the trouble to contact us with your opinion; it is very valuable to us and very much appreciated.


Ann Harby
Consumer Care Team
Freephone: 0800 274 777

I think they need to change their feedback research team because the word on Average Joe Street is that these crisps taste like a bunch of shite now.