Thursday, June 22, 2006

Grannies in Worthing

Walking to work today I was.

I was overtaken.

By a granny on foot.

By a mile.

I even tried to outsmart her by taking a shortcut but she still managed to be ahead of me.

I am disgusted.

By her speed.

By her cunning.

And the fact that I am officially slower than a proper granny.

Seems like I need to pay a visit to Age Concern to pull a bird so that we can relate or what?

(shaking head incomplete disbelief at this little scenario I tell ya!)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

How to get laughed at - England v Jamaica

Just an after thought this one.

Woke up Monday morning.

Run out of coffee = brain will not function properly.

Put on Jamaica footie shirt and other things that go with it.

Went for a walk into town.

Never had so many blokes big grin me, snigger me or "morning luv" me in my entire life.

The shame, scandal and ridiculousness of me, is what is was.

Come on, someone take pity on me!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Fink !Fink! Zero 7;-)

Oh my God. Oh my God.


Oh my GAWD! Oh my Gawd!

I PAID to go and see Zero 7 last night at an extremely pricey price of £16.50 and was amazed by their support band Fink.

Please visit their site, give them support, big them up, whatever it is that you do. They are from Brighton and signed and deep. Like a funky Coldyplay meets any talented Soulman.

Oh, and Zero 7, who I love by the way, were great. Done my ears in at time, but fine.

Sia, the singer of many songs, looked kind of okay in my blurred vision.

Ask me again in a week;-)

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Fat men with fat fingers

A fat man with fat fingers and tattoes came into work with one of these babies on every single one of his fingers. Initially I was disgusted, and then my mind began to wonder whether he removes each one of them every time he has a play of a night.

The thought alone terrified me and silenced me for a good five minutes after.