Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Smoking ban and my problem with it

I smoke. Therefore I am pissed right off. Since Sunday 1st July 2007 when this wonderful law was passed without my or anyone one else's yay or nay. The people that actually count are those who are not voting in The House of Lords or The House of Commons or wherever they do the dirty tango.

I am deranged with the fact that the lack of choice is present. The freedom to choose has been omitted. Not just by humble folk but by businesses across the board. What is wrong with having smoking bars or clubs or pubs (by choice) with some clause that says maybe "don't even think about suing us like them dumb Americans get away with because you knew from the start" type thing?


Everyone would be happy.

On top of all this the knockon effect today appears to be that the Worker Man's Club opposite me has increased in noise volume by 100 percent because they are smoking outside and having a laugh and a natter. This means as a local resident and not as a smoking member of the aforementioned club..I am doubly pissed off.

Think I am gonna call Environmental Bloody Health.