Monday, May 16, 2005

Straight girls need a reality check

I received this enlightening email today
Hello,and thank you for responding to my ad.I looked at your ad,and I must ask you, why is it that you inform people that you are bisexual in it,as you do? Waht is the purpose of publically telling people about your sexual orientation? And also,why do you ask me if I like to travel?Are you placing your ad to find travelling sexual contacts who will visit with you? Well,anyway I am not a bisexual.Sincerely,Audrey

I have an ad on a mad site that is more epal finder than electronic shagfinder.

My ad does does not state I want to shag women. Far from it at the moment, seeing as the baby that is firmly in my belly is not out for another three weeks, and even then I would go in the real world and find a shag (as is bloody normal and usual).

Grrrrr.Straight women. Straight women. Dear oh dear.
Straight my arse.

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Sharon_SA said...

Very interesting posts .. enjoyed reading about you