Friday, December 09, 2005

Becky and Mel Page 3 'Lesbians'

I just read this (topless photos as well as words when you click that link warning) about two Page Three Models in The Sun newspaper. Articles like that just annoy me.

First, the breasts on both girls "ain't all that". I like a pair that are, you know, special;-) (she says whilst licking her lips).

Actually I would have to put both of them in my Minger catergory. Many may beg to differ but a girl being topless and having airbrushed eyes does not a beauty make in my not so humble opinion.

Second, third and fourthly...if a girl has a boyfriend and is having 'relations' with him as well as a girl or even looking/wanting/lusting for a man/boy/plaything, this does not a lesbian maketh.

This maketh one a proper bisexual.

Purple is the colour of the day.


Stef said...

Sun in talking complete shite shocker! :-)

Happybutterfly said...