Sunday, December 18, 2005

Blimmin cybersex

There I was minding my own business. Surfing. When I got an Instant Message. In the afternoon. Early. Today. I had no alcohol running through my veins. I lacked all courage. I was, after all, minding my own business.


Janice. Decides she will message me on the off chance that I might be up for a bit of cyber sex.

First she entices me with tittle tat.

Then she excites me with innocent photos (apparently) of her.

Next she interests me with the quality breasts she clings to.



All the while that I am having this conversation with Janice I am attempting to video capture my 4 year old in his Nativity play using Windows Movie Maker.

Of course my mission failed.

You never saw those breasts.

I did.

They were good.

They were fine.

However. She ruined it by getting all cyber on me.

Don't you just hate that?


Stef said...

"Just send me the boobies damn it!" :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey another butterfly. LOL
Hey, HappyButterfly!

Greetings from the USA!!!!

I tried to get that name Happybutterfly, but it was already taken.

All my friends are bie, and everyone says I am too, but I don't think I would like to eat pussy. I just think girls are beautiful. Does that make me bie?