Monday, April 28, 2008

Worthing stabbing, tagging, burglary 2008

I am becoming alarmed, even to the point of quiet hysteria (if there can be such a thing) about the rapid decline in the town of Worthing. Dare I even say my street is getting worse?

I would have thought that two murders on my street is enough for anyone.

I no longer have to buy the weekly rag to get the news.

I just need to walk out my front door. A neighbour will update me. Burglaries, stabbings, drunken teenagers tagging everything white...

I have a problem with all this, but my biggest problem is that someone could have cleared up all the blood all over the bridge (Jacob's Ladder). Very disgusting.

I am making plans to be out of this country by next Summer.

Enough is enough.

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