Wednesday, November 02, 2005

IMP expiry getting on my nerves

Yes. I have finally admitted it. The BBC 'Integrated Media Player' (and there's me thinking it stood for interactive but never mind) is turning out to be not as helpful as I initially thought.

Programmes really do keep expiring on me. Apparently Waking the Dead was a good tv series. I missed it all, even though it was set up to record every episode. How did I miss it? Because I happened to party just a bit too hard, two weekends on the trot, and paid the price by the 7 day expiry rearing it's ugly head.

I am sure the BBC's intention is not for people to speed watch programmes for fear of expiry? Now honestly, what is the point ot all this excitement?

I was watching the Sky+ demo last week on my tv (not because I was bored or anything but due to a re set on the digi box) and it makes much more sense for me to buy one of these than to mess around with the BBC iMP, because at least then I wouldn't miss those BBC programmes..EVER. (There is no expiry on recorded material).

Seems to me that a lot of other people might decide to give more business to Sky (and similar companies) rather than have the uncertainty of the iMP.

Song to self: Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me (Sunday gone actually, but it's a good little song that one;-))


Mandarin Orange said...

A belated Happy Birthday, good to see you back blogging - assume that was also a casualty of the partying ...

Happybutterfly said...

Most definitely. More tomorrow on that score;-)

Stef said...

Happy birthday you!

Yeah, I can really see people not bothering with IMP for exactly the reasons you state. If a Sky+ box can do it, why not the BBC's IMP?