Friday, November 11, 2005

Lemon Grass in Worthing

Hmm. I went there for Wary Girl's post birthday dinner. It's a new restuarant opened up in Worthing and to be honest, I wouldn't waste your cash. The seats are rock solid, making your once flabby butt into a flat, square pancake in 30 seconds sharp. They haven't enough waiters so you are sat there waiting for your main course long into the night.

The heat in this deceptively small joint is unbearable. We thought there was a problem with the thermostat but upon touching the radiators discovered they were off. The sound levels are as if you are in a nightclub so forget conversation. Unless you wish to share it with everyone elsse in the restaurant.

The food is ...o.k. Although to say that it is authentic Thai is a bit of a frown line moment. All the time that I was there I felt like a traitor to the Andaman.

I discovered the Andaman a couple of months ago which has new management. This is also in Worthing. Feels like it should be in London. The food is magnificent and real. They are not catering to anyone in particular. Meaning they have not 'adjusted' the food to suit us British. It is real Thai. Presented beautifully. The price is definitely right whereas the Lemongrass is unjustifiably overpriced.

I'm glad I went to the Andaman for my birthday and I know I will not be going back to the Lemongrass to eat again.

Neither should you.

Note: Picture is from the Andaman not the Lemongrass...forgot to take my camera there.


Stef said...

Hmm, Thai food... Not had any in ages, have to put that on my to-do-list for next week.

Working in Soho at the moment so I've had sushi one day, Korean today... Make the most of it before I get sent back to business park hell!

There are a lot of crap 'oriental' restaurants around though. My wife's from Hong Kong and so has educated me in the ways of real Chinese food which is good because it's lovely and bad because I now can't eat in half the Chinese restaurants in the UK... *sigh*

Happybutterfly said...

Yes that is the problem with 'authentic' in a restaurants byline. 'authentic' to me means don't touch with a barge pole!