Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Kellogs Bran Flakes Challenge

I feel like a challenge. Been hungover far too much lately and apparently if I eat a bowlful of Kellogs Branflakes everyday for two weeks, I will be on top of the world. Or my money back. So I have decided to take the challenge as of tomorrow morning, till receipt locked away safely in the 'Kitchen sink handbag' and hey presto!

Here's to feeling great in a fortnight!


Stef said...

I did the similar Actimel Challenge. It was bollocks of course, I didn't feel any better but I'd lost the receipt by then.

I had however started liking the little yoghurt drinks and now buy them occasionally which really is the point.

Damn, I hate being out-smarted by Marketing monkeys!

Stef said...

Meant to link to my tale of taking the Actimel Challenge.

vergelimbo said...

Hey Clued Up!
You and vergelimbo share many common interests [eg: Fine women, food, and the same birthday...happy belated, by the way ] If you read my first blog entry you will see this to be true. [I was scorpioed into the world at 5:40 am... and I detest mornings]
I enjoyed your you live anywhere near Warninglid? A dear old friend o' mine grew up there...great guy...wondered if you knew him...he is also a lesbian-like us.

Damien said...

Tell the truth. You're only doing the Bran Flake challenge because you want to live with William Shatner.

Happybutterfly said...

Actually I'm his wife;-)

Stef said...

"... and I detest mornings"
I think all Scorpios detest mornings, my wife is one (15th) and she's positively dangerous to be around until about 11am!