Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Best variety sex

The best sex that I have had, I dare to say has been with a woman.


Pause some more.

Yep. I think that this is really a true statement. I say this because I wanted to actually add (with the exception of my male partner husband spirit). However. I thought hard between those pauses and decided that there will be no exception.

Men reading this will think or feel that my male partner must not be good enough or something. However. This is all fun (for it is indeed fun, unless you are currently with a confused bi curious girlie who actually needs a slap and you too are female) because men are good and so are women. The opposite can also be true.

What I just find so hard to get my head round is that the best, and I really mean this, variety/varied sex I ever had was with an American dominatrix. That's right. The emphasis is on the former in bold not the latter.

Americans have their faults but when it comes to sex I truly believe you need to get yourself one and give it a go.

I mean, handcuffs, blindfolds, whips, sub and dom in quick reversals, moans, groans, three some interplay, blow, penetrative foreplay are all reasons why I would shout out..."Go America!"

Note to self: Wary Girl has birthday today and when I go to lunch with her tomorrow, DO NOT MESS IT UP OR BE SCARED AND BE ALL STUPID AND RIDICULOUSLY GIRLIE. Just be cool and yourself.


Damien said...

Funnily enough, I dated an American for a couple of years and found the complete opposite. She used to just lie there an pledge alliegance to the flag.

Stef said...

I married an American...

Happybutterfly said...

So that's why you're so happy everyday!

Mandarin Orange said...

So how did it go with W.G.?