Friday, November 18, 2005

Scared. Really scared.

Last night, whilst I was standing at the back door smoking, I heard a rustle amongst the bin by the gate. A big rustle. Not a tiny mouse rustle, not even a hedgehog skittle.

My imagination has conjured up anything from a rather big cat, like a lion say, right through to a psycho axe wielding she devil type thing.

So obviously I chucked the fag and locked the door shut.

20 hours later. Meaning now.

Partner has gone to pick up kid and left the back door open.

Cue me having nicotine withdrawal.

Get up to go and have the drug.

There's some massive rustling going on in my kitchen.

I am no way going in there to be eaten by She Devil.

So I am trapped im my bedroom.

Wanting a fag and the 'Thing' out of my house.


Stef said...

So, some creature from hell is helping itself to all your goodies in the house?

It's probably a badger eating your cereals. They like cereals apparently.

You have to smoke by the back door in your own house?

"Partner has gone to pick up kid..."
Are you a mum then? Or did the kid come as a package deal with the partner? Sorry for being nosey but I am! :-)

Happybutterfly said...

I have a house full of the monsters including on that did come as a package deal:-)5, in fact are in my house and 4 came out of me;-)2,unfortunately are teenagers proper and one is sulking in his room as I type.

Stef said...

Oh dear... Poor you!

Five kids in the house? How the hell do you get time (or money) to do anything fun? I'm far too selfish for all that. :-)