Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Auction fever with Wary Girl

Of course I haven't put Wary Girl up for auction to the highest bidder. Instead this is where we went on Monday in Lewes. I have never been to a real live one before and there really is no comparison with Ebay. The impact of immediate addiction is far, far greater.

Loads of bargains. The best piece in the place we both wanted as we share the same taste. So I let her go for it because there just isn't any space left in my house.

Thinking this Indonesian coffee table, dark wood but weighing a million tonnes, would go for a couple of hundreds at least, imagine our shock when Mr Auction Man started the bidding at 20 quid and before you could say 'eat my panties', Wary Girl had it in the bag.

We hugged each other with joy and relief.

I will definitely go again.

We had a nice day together. She appears to be in a stand off position. Waiting for me to make a move or something but I am put off by the fact that she is seeing my partner's good mate and I never ever want to sleep with him let me tell you.

If I sleep with her I am sleeping with him.


So. I am having to wait this one out.

weird I know.

Note to self: Hurry up and buy a bigger house


Stef said...

That is a bit of a sticky situation... If you manage to convince her to sleep with you in the absence of her partner things could get messy between them which could cause grief.

Don't piss in your own pond is the rubbish truism here I think.

Many guys might be cool with their female partners exploring their bi-curious side but only if they were involved somehow I suspect. If it was an exclusive girl club, most would probably flip out. I'm sure you know that better than I but...

Stef said...

Ooh, you're approving comments now?

The auction sounds like fun actually. I hate eBay, if I want something I just want to buy it, not go through the aggro of the bid but in a proper auction it's all over in a few minutes I guess so probably a lot more fun that constantly checking your email and clicking Refresh on your browser.

Happybutterfly said...

I was playing around with the Blogger settings...have quickly turned that nonsense off now!