Thursday, October 06, 2005

Wary girl may just need a name change

Yesterday, all day, my head was hanging off.

That's right. No association was happening between head and body. It hurt. Self inflicted? It's not the point;-)

Wary girl night was a success. It's weird but my partner told me that when he first met Wary Girl that she reminded him of my ex girlfriend but a much more glorious and fantabulous version.

When I met Wary Girl I told her this but I said that she looked nothing like my ex.

However, I must have been blind or something because she sooooo does.

I was going to go with Wary Girl to Wales as she has a funeral to go to, but the distance between head and body were far too great for me to function, so I didn't go. Instead I struggled to the shop to buy medicine.

7 cans of coke.

Wary Girl is ever such a foxy minx. Don't know what move to make next. Suggestions would be nice..including a new name as she isn't exactly Wary anymore.


Elisabeth said...

Hi, I'm glad you like my blog.
You must must must see Crash.
Let me know what you think of it.

Take care

Stef said...

It has to be said, I stumbled across your blog today and I have enjoyed reading about the pursuit (is that the right word?) of Wary Girl, most people's blogs are so devoid of this sort of human interest!

Don't feel I know her enough to propose another name though... Oh to hell with it, what about Girlfriend 2.0? ;-) If she looks like an ex, especially as you didn't notice this, there has got to be some sort of (sub)concious desire to get the latest model of a former favourite... v2.0!

Or am I a) reading too much into this b) too geeky for my own good? ;-)

Keep us posted!