Saturday, October 01, 2005

Pandora debate

Being British I am often bemused by the comments from Americans on websites. They are almost nearly always Scorpion in tone. Phrases range from 'awesome' and 'wow', for the obviously postive to ' rubbish' for negative feedback. No middle ground.

How very unBritish;-)

In this vein I shall comment on the Pandora player. I have been dragging my feet on subscribing because there are a few niggling things that need to be fixed.

The player tends to timeout on a far too regular basis (on average after 15 minutes), whilst it is attempting to find the next perfect song to play.

This is bloody annoying.

The database (they have a zillion trillion) is mainly American artists. It is as though this is the only place where interesting/good music comes from. This is certainly not the case.

Reggae artists are lacking.

Lots of my favourite British artists could not be found amongst the trillions of songs/artists that they have in their database, and these are not even underground ones!

For now I have decided to hold onto my $36 dollars and use this instead.

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