Saturday, October 22, 2005

Talkative Girl Bitch

Why can't I sleep with all that noise. Across the street. Old Working men club together to freak. Out the neighbours seem apparently deaf. My ears just tingle. Are a mess from the noise. Intertwined with train rumbles and groans. Is it you. Again my God no.

Stop and wait. Just listen only snores. Too late to find the clothes peg through buzzing engine. Bores. Me. Car. Past me by. Left self on shore floor. Expectant. To find treasure. Revealing. Boy racer buzz my bell. Not her next door. On the floor wanting more. Pick me. I am cute. I am cute. Cuter than pie.

Why did I suggest to my own self. Get up. Do not sleep for fear of buzzing head and thoughts too deep. Round and about we go on the same train. Hoping to find questions to answers we already knew.

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Mandarin Orange said...

Wow! Great post! Insomnia sucks.