Tuesday, October 18, 2005

New Version of BBC Imp worry

There is a new version for us trialists to download but before we do that there is whole palaver to clean our computers to get rid of the old one. This includes completely deleting all downloaded files, regardless whether watched or not.

I have 30 programmes (including one film, which I have to say was in my Inbox at rocket speed) sitting there. If I delete them all, will they download again after the new install or will I have to download again? I actually want to watch what I have but I also want the new version which has been updated with all the little tweaks that users have reported. (However I don't think they will be doing away with the 7 day expiry any day soon).

I have a plan.

I am going to move all those programmes onto my external hard drive and see if that will keep them. The worse that can happen is my hard drive gets buggered:-)

Any other suggestions on how to get round this would be appreciated.

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Stef said...

No ideas I'm afraid, an I suspect that the movies you move to your external drive won't work with the new player. i gather that the protection on the files not only limits the playback to 7 days but also limits it to your specific player so you can't send the programmes to other people...

You're not getting any sympathy though, at least you have an imp to play with! :-)