Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Butterscotch Tart Oh yeah

In fact, can I hear a hell yeah! I made this yesterday. I am suffering though as it had to be chilled in the fridge overnight before it is perfectly ready. Am off down the shops later to get me some custard and pig right out later. Hopefully it will be the dogs....

On the Wary Girl front, everything seems to be running along quite nicely thank you very much. She doesn't understand why I fancy her (although she is pleased with that fact). I think she's just being a tease on that score though as she sooooo knows that she is sexy and gorgeous.

I'm down wid that.

Note to self: Cut down on listening to so much Hip Hop.


Stef said...

You're OK with the hip-hop, you know you've had too much when you say "I'm down wid dat." ;-)

Good news about Wary Girl (should it be Teasing Girl now?), any likelyhood of you having your wicked way any time in the near future or is she going to keep teasing you for a while yet? (Man, that's quite a personal question. Sorry!)

PS. That's a nice looking tart! ;-)

Happybutterfly said...

I think (as all men and bi girls know), that it's all about the chase:-)

Stef said...

Never a truer word was said! ;-)