Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Seems like I'm really special to have BBC iMP

I just received an email of which I was just going to copy and paste on to here but this little clause at the end made me a bit ditthery, "Any unauthorised copying, disclosure or distribution of the material in this e-mail is strictly forbidden."

So instead I will paraphrase.

Seems like there is a technical hitch in distributing to the 5,000 that were chosen and quite a lot are still waiting to test the player. They may have to wait until the end of October (which is incidentally my birthday) before they can play.

I will just take it as an early birthday pressie from the BBC.

I have been testing from the start and my first niggle is actually the 7 day expiration on programmes. I knew this was how the player is meant to run but I think what would be better would be if the programme has already been downloaded then you should be allowed to watch when you feel like. Twice now I have had to delete programmes before watching because they have expired.

You see if these downloads were eventually counted towards ratings then they would not be accurate, if no one had actually got to watch what they downloaded due to expiry.

Second niggle is that I have had a few script errors when rating programmes, or even when deleting programmes. But hey, this is still in Beta so hope they sort these issues out before full release.

Nothing else bothering me about the BBC Imp player today.

I'm loving it, and wish this existed ages ago!


Stef said...

Oh great, comment spam. Turn on word verification, it seems to get rid of it OK at the moment.

From what I can gather you are indeed very special to have the iMP, there are people on technology forums in the US foaming over it! I'm not 'foaming' I hasten to add, just jealous.

I was a bit disappointed when I read about the 7 day thing. Surely as a UK license payer we've paid for these programs and I thought the iMP was supposed to improve access to our content... I can understand them putting in some Rights Management stuff to stop us uploading it to the web so people outside the UK can download it for free, selling programmes to the US and Canada etc is very profitable for the BBC and fair enough. However, it's ours!

Happybutterfly said...

Thanks Steph for the spam tip although I thought I had it on already but apparently not! Had to delete another programme last night due to 7 day scenario.I am being punished for having a heavy weekend getting wasted and not staying to watch tv. Grrr

Elisabeth said...

Yes, I watch Mona Lisa Sile and it was OK, would rate it 3/5.
Let me know what you think of Crash :)