Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I have messed up already with Miss Spice

Ok. So I'm not particularly happy right now because in the last 24 hours, things have taken a different turn.

I do not know why she is not answering anything from me today. Total blank.

It could be the "she is too intense for me" thing, which I have had all my life. This is why I am well and truly happy with the friends that I do have because I know that they "get me".

But in the last 24 hours, Miss Spice has ignored me completely and I do not know why.

You want to know my mood?

Disturbed. Pissed off. Sad.


Stef said...

Oh, how annoying.

However, this is quite common behaviour in my experience. Show interest one minute and the cold shoulder the next. It's one of the things common with women that some times makes me wish I was gay!


Trouble said...

Welcome to the world we men live in...

I'll give you a secret... Never let them see u sweat... Be nonchalant and indifferent...

Without enough info, I'd say you're making a mistake my lesbian friend makes often, and that I'm trying to ween her from... trying way too hard... Lesbians and Bi women are often intimidated by aggressive behavior, it's a typically 'male' trait.

My friend also describes herself as 'intense'... It makes me laugh because she has no clue about real 'intensity' in this sense of the word... But even a subtle 'intenseness' can be detected by a woman much like a pheromone.

Conversely, she may just be playing hard to get... In which case, an indifferent attitude will have her stewing... Works every time...

Happybutterfly said...

Am liking the advice here..anyone else wanna add? Because I think to be indifferent is the best road to go down..although it is hard when she is the student though..but I'll give it a go and see what happens!

Summer said...

so one week on, what's going on? has she revived?

this is the same bi pakistani girl, btw. my old blog platform exploded, so i got a new one.