Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Miss Spice is back on!

Oh yeah! I don't usually like to react to situations like this but..
Miss Spice mailed me today with the excuse of "sorry but was busy". Fair enough..obviously not for those who know me..but yeah.

I have to thank every man who gave me advice because this has worked. Have been cool and she has come back...reeeeesult!

She is going to call me. She said.

Been all nice to me and going for it but I have remained calm.LOL

Really hard for me but it has got to be done.

Oh what a happy butterfly I am tonight!


Summer said...

Women make my head spin. Glad she's back on. Silly woman, to be off so long.

Stef said...

I've never met a woman who wasn't bonkers like that to some degree or other. After a while it becomes part of the charm ;-)