Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Paris Hilton. Get.A.Life

You see.

I have missed the wonderful boat that was Paris Hilton.(am sure millions of others did too).

Thank God.

So. I do not give a flying f.u.c. and you know the rest, about her going to jail for 45 days and her begging on Myspace for people to sign an online petition.

I am disgusted by this modern day head up own arse behaviour.

Read about it here.

Paris Hilton must stop.

For all our sakes.

This does justify a "jaysus".


Summer said...

Oh wow. What a pill.

Stef said...

Here, here!

The law's the law and breaking it is not a 'mistake' that could/should be forgiven.

Why is she more deserving of a pardon than your average Joe? Hell, she could have a driver if she wanted, some people -especially in LA- would be genuinely stranded by a ban.