Saturday, May 05, 2007

How to comment on a blog

You surf.

You stumble upon a blog.

You like the look of it.

You read quite a few entries but feel there's nothing that you can really add to the thread or point being made.

So what do most people do next?

Click on another blog or set up an rss feed to come back when the blog is updated.

What would be really nice is if the reader left a comment, even if it just says "have a nice day" or "nice blog".

That would be fabulous.

Thanks for reading!


Zag said...

Lol... you are sooo right. And to think even no one commented on this post either :)

I get about a 1000 hits daily from direct or through search engines, but the only comments i get are the 3-4 regular ppl that read my blog.

Stef said...

Definitely. More people should leave comments, a simple 'thank you' for writing something they've read.