Monday, April 30, 2007

I fancy a spicey girl. What to do?

O.M.G. The girl is gorgeous with a capital G. To. Die. For. It is such a relief after Minger Stalker Bird I can tell you. I feel a bit gushy and stupid about this girl though and I don't know how to play this one at all.

The main problem is that she is a student where I work.

I thought she was straight but the signals she is giving me are far away from that. She is 27, which doesn't totally create the teacher/student scenario that most people would fear, but I am still apprehensive.

Thankfully this is her last year at college so if anything I could wait. It would be hard, but I would try. I feel like a dog on heat.

She has asked me out for a drink. Oh yes!

I accepted.

Nothing wrong with going out for drink is there?

As long as it doesn't involve my drink of choice, the lovely Wray and Nephew Jamaican White Rum that is!

I name her: Spice Girl, unless anyone comes up with something better.

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