Friday, October 27, 2006

Wrong side of the bed

It's my birthday on Monday:-) I decided to give myself a mission this week as I'm on leave. To get 'mashed up' and 'lean' every single day. (literally drunk and or under the influence of any drug going).

By Tuesday I thought I would have to give in to this challenge. (comments like "you're getting old mate" are currently rampant).

However, I seem to have managed to carry a lovely weed overkill hangover type feeling into this here morning.

What freaked me out in the night is that I went to bed on the wrong side.

I usually sleep on the right side of the bed and He-who-shall-not-be-named on the left.

Not last night.

Not only did I sleep on the left, but also upside down, so I couldn't dream properly because my brain got all confused, and it felt as if I was on a boat getting sea sick!!??


Don't know what that was all about.


Leon said...

Hi there. Just saying thanks for supporting my blog. Happy birthday when it comes.

Summer said...

I can't believe i haven't been here in ages. Reading you is lovely, will do so more.

FYI this bi girl in Pakistan has moved from blogurple to