Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hot totty may want me:-)

Maybe I'm on a roll. Maybe because it's my birthday month. Maybe I got the signals wrong but you decide.

A hot babe (in looks anyway) has come in two weekends on the trot to the Candy Shop where I work. I think she is only coming in on Saturdays and not Sundays.

She was all chatty last week and introducing herself (whilst I was secretly thinking her behaviour was a bit too close to familiar, nutty clients from my previous Government job, but I digress). She's from France or Spain or some European corner where the customs are a bit more lively and open than here.

This week, i.e today, she comes in and is chatty and asking me how I am ( and actually meaning it). She made direct eye contact the whole time.

She left.

Ten minutes later she was back.

Huge queues due to the lottery rollover. Two people on till. She decides to step out of the queue as she quickly realised that she wasn't going to be 'served' by me;-) She jumps back in when it's my turn:-)

She chats some more. Extra smiles, extra eye contact which made me pause and think...

Does Candy Shop Girl actually fancy me?

Shall I ask her out for a drink to the pub next door next time I see her?

P.S I haven't forgotten about Baby Girl either, who is texting me quite a lot and telling me lots of naughty things:-)


Stef said...

"I'll take you to the candy shop
"I'll let you lick the lolly pop..."

Happybutterfly said..., really!

Mad Bull said...

It sounds like you really should have a go! Heres a question though. I have read a couple of your posts now and I am having difficulty discerning whether you are talking about the same candy shop girl over and over or if there are different candy shop girls.