Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hong Yun Chinese Restaurant Worthing

It was my friend's birthday yesterday, and apart from the usual Vodka drinking to excess and me reconfirming with her whether she wants to shag me yet, we all partook in a scrummy Chinese takeaway.

This has to be the best Chinese ever sold in the whole of Sussex. If you ever find yourself in Worthing then please ring them. Then wait for a taste of paradise to arrive at your front door.

The reason?

The food is cooked with love and warmth.

You can feel it.

You definitely taste it.

Next time I have some I 'll try and remember to take photos.

How good is your fave takeaway?


Damien said...

To me, food cooked with love just sounds like it has extra 'mayonnaise' in it.

Stef said...


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