Monday, October 23, 2006

I'm a racist get him outta here

Jaysus. (already you know it's gonna be grim when I start a sentence with the Irish one!).

Went to the Crap Pub last night with He-who-shall-not-be-named. The pub is in fact, not that crap at all but the name has stuck.

There was the usual Original Nutter, barely able to prop up the bar, let alone himself.

There were a few Fishermen type grandads.

Couple of Goths.

One girl.

IT men (meaning computer types, not wannabe celebs).

Bonded with the IT men as you do, over a pool table. More accusations of me being a hustler. Sigh.

One IT man in particular came up with this stupidly, unbelievable introduction.

"Hello. I'm a racist but I want to explain why."

I thought "Is he 'aving a laff" (in true Extras style)

Hell no!

He continued to tell me 'his' history of Worthing, which included things like "there were no black people", and "my mum told me you were strange" Blah.




Even more yada.

I could not see the point of this conversation. He went on and on and on, without ever reaching a conclusion.

It seems he wanted me to save his soul and apologise for my being here or something. I really just do not know. The guy was even my peer. He should have more sense.

I told him if he wanted to 'be my new best mate' then coming up to a black bird and telling her you're a racist, is not exactly the right way to go about it.



Stef said...

"He went on and on and on, without ever reaching a conclusion"
Man in a pub talking shite shocker ;-)

You have got to wonder about the thought processes behind that though haven't you... *shakes head*

stickboybob said...


that guy has serious issues