Saturday, October 14, 2006

Are Becky and Mel letting all the sides down?

I'm disturbed. By two topless models who are 'apparently/allegedly/whatever' together.

According to our beloved The Sun they will be doing all future shoots together. So they are a 'proper' pair.

Is it just me or is this weird and smelling like media propaganda wrapped up in chip wrap?

Whether I am with a man or a woman and in love 'forever', it spells disaster if I shout out to everyone that my I has become we and this is for every single thing I do? No offers, diversions, temptations, lottery tickets or favours.

Does anyone know this pair? For real?

Although some would say why should they have to justify anything about their relationship. I would have to beg to differ.

Just ask/read/ The Sun and you will understand my concern:-(

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Stef said...

Most of my friends are Page 3 girls but i'm afraid I don't know Becky and Mel ;-)

I know what you mean though, the way The Sun et al talk about lesbians and bisexuals is a bit... Crap.