Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Murder number 2 on my Worthing street

I just cannot believe this is happening again. Another murder. Last night. If you want to know about the first murder from outside my window kind of perspective, click here.

Obviously my street is filled with unpleasant people, bad magnetics or too much drugs (of which no-one is sharing with me!). Probably a mix of all three I reckon.

When the police knocked at my door at 2.15 this afternoon, I thought they were going to arrest He-who-shall-not-be-named for unpaid parking tickets, so I was silent because obviously I didn't want to dig my own hole.

He was actually very attractive as it goes;-) Maybe that was why I lost my tongue:-)

Tells me that someone died last night and it happened in between 8p.m and 2a.m. Wide gap for things to occur methinks.

The one time that I don't get any calls from people or hear anything and it's a murder. I even told Mr Bobby that I am shocked that I did not know already that something had happened.

One cameraman has been so far.

Maybe tomorrow there will be more. At the moment there are just vans of police all day.

Tomorrow is He-who-shall-not-be-named's birthday. A few of the lads are coming over to celebrate and smoke.

Mr Bobby says to me that anotherMr Bobby will return tomorrow night to continue interviewing the teens in my house.

I don't think so..says I.

Can't you come back later instead?

We haven't got the staff.

How about between 5 and 6p.m tomorrow then?


Thank God for that.

Can you imagine. A room full of smoke with Bobbies at the door?



Stef said...

Blimey, Worthing sounds like a dangerous place! Who'd have thought it, eh?

Anonymous said...

Fuck. Do you know who and how the person was murdered?

Dale (aladdinsane from myspace)

Happybutterfly said...

Hi Dale! And yes, Stef, Worthing is getting right up there with the best of them I tell you! They have arrested and charged a 27 year old with murder but buggered if I know what "serious assault is". That's all they keep talking about. Maybe Thursday's local paper will expand. Annoying thing is the police are STILL opposite my house as of today. Grrr.