Saturday, September 23, 2006

Girl on girl tongue fest = angry boyfriend

Yep this ole chestnut reared it's head last night. I know I am attracting, finally, older women at the mo but the twist in the triangle was that her boyfriend is 23. She is 47 or something mental like that. Good on her is what I say. Name for today is Ice Maiden, although she was quite the opposite in behaviour.

Isn't it nice when a woman just jumps you, maybe because they are feeling particularly horny that night and just want something different or new? I love it. She was all over me. Tongue down my throat every minute. Crazy eye conversations. I felt particularly naked at one point in the bar...

Cut to boyfriend leaning at the bar getting more and more agitated.

He tells me to cool it with his bird. (cheeky mare!).

I attempt to stay away from Ice Maiden but she follows me everywhere and starts touching up my bum. I was enjoying it but was thinking at the same time that I was going to get my head kicked in by her boyf at any second.

So he steps in again but confronts Ice Maiden this time. (good).

"Are you turning lezza now or what?" he asks, in proper English, like.


It was an episode of real life Eastenders to say the least.

The pair went home to row after that, and probably have sex or something.

I was left, laughing my head off at such a classic, comedy couple.

Am I too much of a snob when it comes to women?

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Stef said...

What a superb line!

"Are you turning lezza now or what?"

Surely half the fun of snogs in clubs or bars is dealing with the stupid situations that arise as a result though. Good blog-fodder!