Saturday, June 19, 2004

People who sit down a lot

I can totally understand why people who sit down a lot in this country, wouldn't be tempted to run out and buy a ton of fruit and veg from places such as Iceland (which I forever call Bejams, remember them?), or other big supermarkets. Fell short of a major heart attack at the price of a bag of 6 apples yesterday. GBP1.29. Are these organisations insane? SIX APPLES?

My problem is that I tend to 'pop out to the shops' just when the local greengrocer is about to close (who are also overpriced but still cheaper than the supermarket and without the needless excess packaging). Must make note to get out earlier.

Having spent the last four years in Munich (which is 3 times cheaper to live, especially like a queen than here), I still just cannot understand why we put up with this absurdity without so much as a bat of an eyelid.

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dave o said...

Word up to Bejams! :-D