Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Maybe there's a witch out there for me?

Got an interesting SMS tonight (from a witch that I met at The Shack). The Witch says that she wants to see me. (By the way she is a good one, not an evil one). She says I am to come to The Shack in Worthing tomorrow and hang with her. I don't know where this woman stands, except that she freaked me out with her high perceptions of life and, particularly, of me. I am not a woman who is easily read. I had to SMS back and state that no can do tomorrow. Saturday would be better. (I can heal my hangover better on a weekend than in the week).

Let's see.

The Shack in Worthing is not called that. It's called something else. I think my nickname for it is better, or rather, stays in my mind better. It's the one and only Jamaican Bar in Worthing. The fact there is one at all is way beyond me. But necessary. For me.

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