Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Why is Burnout 3 so addictive?

This game, played on a plasma screen, will keep you away from the real world for a very, long time.

Butterflies, butterflies and a sack of adrenalin is the name of this game.

Although on Ebay I have seen there a couple of real good condition Vectrex machines available in the retro section and I am dying to buy one. I think the one that we had when we were younger is down in the cellar where nobody goes...plus I'm not into mice or rats....Minestorm, Scramble..these games take me back a bit although I don't think 1982 is that far away or gone just yet. Makes me feel like I should be in a museum.


mickeyporkpies said...

OMG they are older than the fluff in my bellybutton!
Steer clear of the beast and invest the money on the Atari tennis paddles and be done with yer..


Happybutterfly said...

Atari tennis paddles....now that's a nother addiction right there!