Sunday, January 23, 2005

Not a proper gig my arse

The Rest, (otherwise known as The Shack),Worthing
Advertised as Wordlitzer, for lovers of Literature. A voice for writers. A platform for poets. Plus original acoustic music. (this translates into..A place for writers to bore you to death for a couple of hours. A function room for poets to turn into sad, sad comedians. Plus sounds of a non electric nature that will disturb you well into your night's sleep.

So, fully packed with this truck load of preconceptions I head off to The Shack, hoping to have this heavy load removed from my skeptical self.

15 or so people in an atmosphere reminiscent of 'don't know what to expect mate, do you?'. I am waiting to be caught. After 5 mins I am sprayed by Dirk the poet, who makes a few smile and even laugh with his short, sharp and snappy poetry.

Up next comes the three piece Golgi Apparatus.

Say what?

Golgi Apparatus. Apparently this is in all humans. (So they wanted to bring it out of us all or what?). Jay, Jay, JAYSUS.

However, despite the stupid, stupid, never ever to be cool, name, the guitar strumming and melodies were reminiscent of an out of tune Crowded House. (the voice not guitars).

In the break, GA warn me that they will become obscure in the second half. I ask "Guns and Roses obscure?". They say no.

Were they obscure for the second half? Yes, it has to be said. Different? Yes.

When a band brings a previous guitar player out as a bloody Ewan-McGregor-bagpipe-playing-punk as a finale...You gotta hand it to 'em eh?

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