Sunday, January 23, 2005

How to make your wee sound quiet in public loos

This is my 2005 question and quest. Been bugging me and am sure that some girls out there know the trick, which doesn't involve pelvic exercises or holding your breath for a lifetime, or in fact waiting for everyone else to leave the place.

I was using the public toilets at work the other day and this woman in the cubicle next to me had wee so loud, I was shocked into silence of my own piss.

Why does one have to pee so loud?

Can this not be stopped or controlled?

Even more annoying though is women who do Number twos in public toilets, stinking out the place to near extinction and have no shame when they brazenly walk out of the cubicle and take half an hour to wash their hands, thus confirming that yes, it was them who committed aforementioned crime.

With men obviously this means nothing, as they are quite proud of their ability to stink out a loo on a sunny afternoon. The bigger the better.


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