Monday, March 03, 2008

I have a stalker, yes another one

Never, under any circumstances get drunk online and talk to people that are potential (or not) fuck buddies, and arrange to meet them.

Do not give out your phone number, even if it is a mobile.

Don't ever, ever talk to a fat girl. Do not get swayed by a description of 40FFFFFFF infinity.

Really leave well alone if above girl is also an A1 PROPER NO QUESTION MINGER.

I do this all the time. When I am bored.

I put an ad on the Net and get crazy people replying who have not read it. (usually they are men who do this).

The only sane person was this girl.

Then I saw her photo and nearly wept.

I had come across her last year and ignored her, blanked her for all the above reasons.

Why oh why can't I get a babe online? It can't be that hard.

To make matters worse/interesting/mental is that she has just messaged me to ask if I want her to come round and watch tv (not that I even partake in such frivolity).

Guess what I said?

Go on then.


Stunner said...

LOL! Picking up people online is never a good idea, even if there are success stories!

Happybutterfly said...

I know, I only gets worse believe me!