Thursday, August 24, 2006

Pluto no planet my arse

I'm not happy about this. My planet as a Scorpio no longer is. Because scientists went into a hall and stuck their hands up in the air waving pieces of paper and there was enough of them to change the solar system; and lose my planet.
Obviously the ones who voted were not Scorpios.
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Stef said...

Hello stranger.
I wouldn't worry about it too much, you may be a Scorpio but that constellation would have been nowhere near the horizon when you were born either. Since the horoscopes were set up the earth's rotation has slowed to the skies don't actually match up with the great scheme of things.

My wife -also a scorpio- has just said that it's OK because Jupiter is in your sign meaning that you're going to have properity until the end of November. Apparently.

Damien said...

Of course, ignoring the fact that Astrology, is by and large, bunkum, what we define as a planet makes little or no difference to the body itself. I'm sure Pluto and Charon and still busily chasing space rabbits around the Oort cloud with nary a thought of the IAU.

Gordy said...

I'm with you. How can there suddenly be one less planet? They are, as you so eloquently say, cunts.

lulu said...

I think your universe will survive. I pesonally am quite excited that there are now 3 new mini-planets or whatever the fuck. There's now 11 thingies in our solar system. Plus the sun! That's 12 thingies!

I like to stay postive.