Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My Bestfriend's Breasts


This is not a movie but it could be.

Woke up this morning with vivid images of my bestfriend and me topless. In a nondescript room somewhere. Nipples erect (so let's times that by 4). Breasts full; swollen. Sex sweat. Heat. Moaning. Pulse quickening. That kind of thing. Of course the images had to continue with us rubbing our breasts up against each other. Until I became wet.

Then I wanted more.

Cut to: Us running for a bus and never getting on it; on repeat.

Yes. Well. Cough.

These are the kind of dreams I am having to deal with in this heat.(not complaining by the way)

Does the heat really make you that horny? Hmmm.


Stef said...

Now that sounds like a fun dream! :-)

Do you think she'd be up for it? It's always a bit of sticky situation when you get involved with friends, but... Meh.

lulu said...

Yeah, I know how you feel. Those are the special dreams. Dunno if it's the heat though - coming from a hot climate, I have to say, I'm just as horny in winter, summer, spring, autumn...

It's the girls. If the girls are hot, you're metaphorically screwed. And only metaphorically.

I'm not bitter.

Jilly said...

No it doesn't make me horny, it makes me bad tempered and smelly, no wonder I'm bloody single!!

Thanks for the supportive comments, very much appreciated :)

KamiKali said...

Hurray. My breasts are finally famous. Jolly fantastic!!!!!!