Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hungry for food, starving for a girl

I am hungry.

What do people do when they are hungry?

Cook up something nice.

Or get a takeaway if feeling lazy.

I am hungry for the beauty that is a woman's body.(but of course I am not meaning just any ole woman will do;-))

I can't just cookup something nice as if I am a professional conjurer.

There is the possibility of a takeaway but I cannot accomodate right now.

I don't even know why I am getting soooo peed off about it because what is on the menu where I live, you wouldn't even feed to your cat...


lulu said...

I soooo know how you feel! There are so many men everywhere and, you know, nice, but ... WHERE are the women?

Thanks for the blog roll!

Damien said...

Just do what the blokes do - get yourself on Gaydar ;)

Happybutterfly said...

Yeah Damien this is a good idea except I swear when I went there last it didn't feel too bi friendly you know. I have to be a raving lesbian on there to pull!

Stef said...

Worthing isn't really a hotbed of totty is it?

Um... When you said that there is a possibility of a takeaway... I'm intrigued? How does one go about (hypothetically of course) getting such a takeaway? ;-)

KamiKali said...