Monday, January 23, 2006

Nasty, disgusting and sad

  1. Nasty and disgusting was the woman at the footie game on Saturday (Worthing v Wimbledon, yeah we lost 2 - 0, but whatever), who blocked the one and only toilet with her nasty runny poo so therefore it wouldn't flush, ran out without washing her hands and hiding her face. (I was dying to go but definitely, absolutely did not use it). Plain nasty.
  2. Disgusting was the woman on Sunday, who thought I should get up off the wall, move my jacket, whilst I was enjoying free air and sunshine on the seafront, just to let her brat 'enjoy' walking along the whole wall. (I shall not, I shall not be moved...stupid cow.) Disgusting behaviour, stupid attitude.
  3. Sad are some people in my household who appear to not want me to write without some kind of fight.


Stef said...

I once bloked the toilet at work. Very embarassing. I did wash my hand thought.

Mothers with brats being rude and self-absorbed shocker.

People in your house don't want you to write? What in general or this blog...?

Publish and be damned!

Happybutterfly said...

You see it's okay to do that kind of thing if you are a bloke but NOT ACCEPTABLE when you are a laydee.

People don't want me to write fullstop it seems and I am becoming quite agressive about having to fight for your right to write..hmmmm

Stef said...

Hey, we want you to write. Tell 'em bollocks!

I don't know if it's acceptable for blokes to do that kind of thing. Especially as all the staff at the office I had to inform were all women... Very embarrassing.

Happybutterfly said...

Oh my God Stef, that has to be the highest level of shame that one man can take!

Stef said...

I don't know about that but "um... I seem to have blocked the crapper" is a sentence I'd quite happily never utter again if I can get away with it.